229px-Bon-Bon in Rarity's boutique

Bon Bon, is the placeholder name for a background pony, in the series, My Little Pony,Friendship is Magic. She is often seen around Ponyville with Lyra, she also appears in several episodes, with speaking roles, like Green Isn't Your Color, Call of the Cutie, Lesson Zero, and Super Speedy Cider Squeezy 6000, including Putting Your Hoof Down, with different speaking roles.Her Cutie Mark shows three pieces of blue and green wrapped candies. Her coat is pale cream coat and a navy blue mane with a pink stripe.She is very similar to a previous-generation earth pony with the same name.

Development and productionEdit

She shares her design with a Generation 1 Pony, with the same name. Which includes the name, coat scheme, as well as the Cutie Mark, The name "Bon Bon" comes from a French word for "Candy". Bon Bon, is always frequently seen around Ponyville with Lyra,